Hillsboro"s historic downtown is the heart of a vibrant community with a wide variety of retail businesses and high-quality restaurants appealing to both residents and visitors. Hillsboro has lovingly restored historic commercial buildings .

People in Park

​Parks and Rec

Hillsboro offers a multitude of outdoors activities for all ages. In addition to preserving the parks and outdoor recreations of the area, this committee hosts the Summer Concerts Series. 


Hillsboro is a haven for technology based businesses and telecommuters. People and companies flock to

Hillsboro to enjoy a low cost of living, a superior quality of life, and high speed connectivity. Fiber to home connectivity will be a reality here within the next 2 years

Festivals and Events

Hillsboro is known in the region for the wide variety of educational and entertaining festivals, events, classes, and activities offered year round in attractive venues.


​Hillsboro has an exemplary school system with dedicated teachers. Students excel in Hillsboro. The community strongly supports the schools and offers a variety of opportunities for children to build on their education.

Image by Lorene Farrugia


Hillsboro will celebrate it's 200th birthday on March 16th, 2023. A bicentennial celebration is being planned in honor of this once in a lifetime event!

Youth Baseball Game

Reinventing Central Park

This committee is working to revitalize our historic Central Park. The mission of this group is to create an inclusive playground for children of all age and abilities.